Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Nippon Koei India is a part of Nippon Koei Group headquartered in Tokyo which mainly focuses on project in India and Southeast Asia. Incorporated in 2008, Nippon Koei India’s vision is to become a comprehensive Infrastructure Management Company by establishing a local implementation system and developing services to solve problems around the world through engineering and technology.

We are following the Motto “To make things happen and get things done” and committed to achieve the long- term vision of the company:

  • To become first ranked Engineering Consulting Company in India; and
  • To serve as Independent Second Head Quarter of Nippon Koei’s Consulting Operations Headquarter.

Our strength which defines our values and aspire our leadership to achieve the management goal consist of:

  1. Code of conduct/ethics
  2. Employees’ integrity
  3. Work life balance
  4. Customer oriented approach