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Project : Assam Road Network Improvement Project
Location : Assam
Education : Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Post graduate degree in civil engineering
Minimum Experience : At least 12 years
Skillset : Hands-on experience on quality control tests, taking measurement of works using level measurements
Status : Open
Job Code - NK - 1

Position - Assistant Resident Engineer

Qualification - Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Preferable: Post graduate degree in civil engineering or its related disciplines. Membership of professional institutions.

Total Professional Experience - At least 12 years

Project Related Experience - At least 5 years as Assistant Resident Engineer or Dy. Project Manager or at least 10 years as Field Engineer in supervision or contract administration of Highway or road or bridge construction contracts (at least 2 contracts of similar nature of 30 km road works involving multi-laning or multiple bridges of cumulative length of at least 75 m but having one major bridge (above 40m) in a single  road project contract) administered for NH or SH.

Preferential Experience - Hands-on experience on quality control tests, taking measurement of works using level measurements, etc.

Roles And Responsibilities 
  •  Assist in management of the Project and contract administration. 
  • Assist in interpretation of the Technical Specifications. 
  • Study the detailed engineering designs, drawings, BoQ Provisions and Specifications. Ensure that the works are carried out strictly as per those documents. 
  • Review and assist in compliance of documentation and advance actions for handing over site and advise on setting the commencement date.
  • Assist RE to ensure contractor’s Quality Control Assurance System. 
  • Monitor Contractor’s detailed work program every week and ensure that the progress of works meets the work program. Inform the Resident Engineer if there is any slippage in the progress of work vis-a-vis the approved works programme. 
  • Monitor Contractor’s Superintendence, Personnel and report to RE, on modifications, if any. 
  • Monitor contractor’s mobilization of equipment’s, in accordance with the contractor programme. 
  • Scrutinize contractor’s construction method statements and report to RE for its being compliant to technical requirement, project implementation schedule, environmental aspects, safety of works, personnel and general public. 
  • Review horizontal and vertical alignments and follow up action based on report of Sr. Highway Design Engineer 
  • Review “Good for Construction Drawings”, prepare additional detailed drawings, if required, based on contractor’s survey and setting out. 
  • Scrutinize contractors working drawings based on survey setting out details. 
  • Scrutiny, checking and verification of setting out data. 
  • Carry out supervision of all works as per approved methods states. 
  • Examine Contractors preparation and the completed position of work as per “Request for Inspection” and promptly advise the contractor regarding the deficiency, if any. 
  • Monitor closely and regularly the progress of work and report to the RE 
  • Carry out regular inspection of Contractor’s equipment, plant, machinery, installations, housing and medical facilities. 
  • Direct contractor to carry out works, as may be necessary to avoid or to reduce the risk in case of any emergency. 
  • Supervise the contractor in all matters concerning safety of works, labour, workmen and environmental aspects and labour welfare. 
  • Witness sampling and testing being carried out by staff of the Contractor and undertake additional audit tests to ensure quality.
  • Monitor and review the test results / certificates for all construction material and/or resources of materials and report to RE. 
  • Monitor and review the mix designs proposed by the Contractor. 
  • Examine the requests for advances and monthly statements of contractors and examine interim payment certificates. 
  • Assist the employer in arranging relocation of services including all correspondence, meetings and preparation of details. 
  • Maintain a permanent record of all measurements for the works/quantities to be paid for and of all payment date. 
  • Prepare monthly reports.
  • Review “as-built” drawings prepared by the Contractor and maintain record of tests of all data and records. 
  • Inspect Works at appropriate intervals during Defect Notification Period and report to Resident Engineer. 
  • Maintain a day to day diary recording all events relevant to the work. 
  • Responsible for the Contract administration and Management, Horizontal & Vertical profile and quality of road work, correctness of quantity of work executed and payable to contractor, implementation of EMP, Social and safeguard issues etc. 
  • check and certify 100% of the measurements and quality control tests

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