Wet Utilities

Wet Utilities

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how NKI drive transformation change through sustainable engineering solutions (6. Clean Water and Sanitation, 9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities and 13. Climate Action).

NKI is a global engineering Consulting company providing worldwide life-cycle consultancy and engineering solutions within Energy, Water, and Urban projects. Structuring city morphology to protect lives, health, and critical assets from climate change risk.

Climate change causes a wide range of natural and manmade stresses, having the potential to threaten the very liveability of our cities. But, if well managed, cities offer important opportunities for addressing the challenges.

Nippon Koei India Pvt Ltd. provide an integrated range of advisory, design and technical skills covering all aspects of the water environment, including water supply, sewage, drainage, and river training.

Professional advice based on engineering knowledge, experience and decision relating to a particular project or problem. Pre-Construction Stage include Feasibility studies, Basic Engineering, Investigations, Detailed Engineering, Optimised designs with latest technologies/ software’s, Cost estimates and economic appraisals are carried out to investigate the viability of a project. Adopting latest technologies like Application of Machine Learning in Water Distribution system, Data analytics in control and operation of municipal wastewater treatment plants

During Construction Stage, Construction supervision, realistic schedules for construction, using latest project management software’s, Quality control, As Built drawings, Certification of Bills, Approval of no Time over-run and Cost over-run, implementation of Social and Environmental management plans, Safety of project staff and people. Post Construction stage include monitoring the operation and maintenance if Utilities, frequent inspections as per relevant Codes/ Standards