Railways and Metros

Railways and Metros

Rail and transit systems play a leading role in the future of modern transportation. They offer sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions, create greater mobility with increased energy efficiency and provide long-term economic benefits. Trains made the industrial revolution possible. When goods need to be moved across long distances, few transportation modes can be as efficient as railroads. This is why trains have always been part of the logistics chain.

Nippon Koei develops comprehensive transit and intercity rail projects from concept through operation. Our extensive experience in railway engineering consultancy services includes high capacity metro, passenger railways, light rail, freight and heavy haul railways. Our experts are meeting today’s demands and laying the foundation to meet tomorrow’s needs. Our services cover the entire life cycle of a project, from upstream studies to operation and maintenance of railways infrastructures and systems.

We provide engineering and construction services and develop designs that fully consider safety, sustainability, constructability, operability and maintainability of the project. Rail clients use our expertise to help reduce costs and improve efficiency, while continuing to optimize performance and accommodate growing demand for both passengers and freight. Our innovative thinking and expert modelling skills ensure that we find strategies to help solve these problems.

Our rail engineering teams design to improve the world they travel themselves, taking into account environmental, social, political, and economic contexts. Clients recognize us for our collaborative, comprehensive, environmentally sensitive, and cost-effective approach. Our interdisciplinary team includes transit, railroad, tunnel, bridge, and systems engineers who use their expertise to transform a conceptual design into a functioning system.

Effective operations and maintenance in railways is increasingly recognized as essential in helping owners provide safe and efficient transportation systems. Nippon Koei provides a wide range of services offering solutions to create reliable and maximized transport systems. Planning operations and maintenance efficiently optimize the reliability and productivity of existing rail networks, as well as maximizing the effectiveness of investments in new systems.